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Ekka Life Subscription Box
"Breathing in I calm my body,
breathing out I smile."
Give yourself the gift of peace
and joy with our Anti-anxiety Box!

Receive 7-10 inspirational and
nourishing items to keep you
healthy w/ $100+ retail value!

At EKKA, we’ve created what we wanted to experience. We envisioned a better holistic wellness product – one that went deeper, built community and created sustainable change.

Unbox the best ritual box to support your life.

Each month, you will receive specially curated items that focus on creating self-care rituals to help support your Mind, Body & Spirit – everything you need to create perfect daily rituals, delivered right to your doorstep.

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What’s inside

It’s more than a box of stuff, you’ll get rituals created just for you!

At Ekka, we make sure your whole being is taken care of holistically – mind, body and spirit. Each box is designed to give you the practical tools to create wellness rituals on your path to recovery, lets face it… we are ALL recovering from something, because c’mon #life.

At Ekka we give you the tools and rituals to replace the old, self-sabotaging thoughts and habits. Packed by hand, each item in the box is designed to complement one another – combined, they play a unique role towards creating a new path, a new you.

So take the leap. Recover well with us.

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