How to Set Intentions for Life

Our lives are an accumulation of our habits. Days run by in a stream of actions: wake up, brush teeth, coffee, work, gym, repeat (insert your daily routine here). At the end of the year, we look back the culmination of our daily habits. Where did we end up? How do we feel about it? If we keep on this course where will we be headed? How do we Set Intentions for Life?




1.set again or differently.

This is where the energy of reset comes in. You can alter the course of anything by taking the time to review and reset with a few simple intentions for life. In the same way that altering the course of a ship at sea by few degrees can, over a great distance, bring it to a completely different port.

When we reset we need to be clear on:

  1. What are we resetting?
  2. Why are we resetting this in particular?

And in order not slip back into patterns,

  1. Fill the void with an intention that is in alignment with your highest self.

The work of reset is tied to intentions for life.

Intention setting is deeply spiritual work. It’s not I want to lose weight or make more money. These are desires which are fine to have! In fact, desires often lead us to our intentions. However, desires lack the power of intentions because a desire creates a dichotomy between wanting something and feeling the pain of not having it. An intention is created around what one is working to achieve in alignment with their best interest.

Using the same examples above – a desire for losing weight would translate to “I set the intention for life to care for my body by moving it daily, eating well, and being kind to it so that I can be fully available to my life and loved ones”. Or “I set the intention to save X amount each month so that I am taking care of my future”.

See the difference?

The power to change the course of your life comes from intention rather than desire. Intention gives you the space to take daily action without fear of not getting what you want. And in the process of working with your intentions to the best of your ability each day, you will achieve more than you ever thought possible, it is the about the journey after all.

As we move into 2018, and it will go fast, ask yourself what areas of your life need to be reset and why? Make sure that you are clear on your reasons for resetting. Then ready, set your intentions, and go!




1. a thing intended; an aim or plan.


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