Ekka Life Self-Care Ritual box


Each month you’ll get 7-8 full sized items that are designed to help you create new rituals in your life, with a retail value of $100+


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What's in a box?

You'll receive 5-7 inspirational and nourishing items to keep you motivated.

You can expect something that is for your internal system like a superfood or supplement, something you can use on your skin like a face mask or scrub, something you can use daily like a journal or book, and something you can eat right away like yummy chocolate!

Change your habits. Change your life.

You are more than the sum of your parts.

At Ekka we make sure your whole being is taken care of holistically: your physical body, your mind, your internal systems, and your spirit. Our wellness boxes help you build your big-picture self by giving you new rituals to practice to replace old, self-sabotaging ones. You can actually change the neural pathways in your brain (the science of neuroplasticity) and can retrain yourself to think, act, and BE the person you’ve always wanted to be.

ekka helps with many conditions

How can a box do this?

Each monthly box is designed to support your recovery journey and help you create new rituals in your life! Each item in the box, when paired with the others, helps you create a new routine and we'll teach you everything you need to know about how to add them into your life. No drastic changes here, just month by month, box by box, your new vibrant life appears before your very eyes.